Popping – online training. Lesson 4

Popping - online training. Lesson 4

Popping – online training. Lesson 4
Style a popping appeared on in the USA among the 80th years. The popping received the greatest development on the homeland in the United States of America. Also high level of popularity continues to support this dance in the rising sun and France Country. Earlier we in an extent of the 3rd online lessons disassembled popping movements, such as, pop, fresno, old man, twist-o-flex. In a new online lesson we will learn one more base movement – walk out, also one of parts of a veyving – tracing (data).

Walk outWalk out is included into number of base units in a popping therefore it is necessary to do it on 5 with plus. In essence it is a turn. Walk out very much with comfort to use for a direction configuration in dance. This element helps the dancer to end one movement and smoothly to pass to following performance. walk out very simply becomes. Snachalo we stand exactly, are all over aimed in one party. the 1st elemental motion begins with turn on 45 degrees. Turn becomes 2 feet to a meeting, with lifting on socks. After that we do by the left foot a step forward, at all this we turn the case in the same direction. Further we leave the case on a place, and the foot exposed forward we transfer on 90 degrees. After a foot, we transfer the case, the right foot we turn in the same direction then we put a foot to a foot and we end movement.

TracingПрежде than to pass to research of this element, it is necessary to master perfectly a wave a hand and a wave a body. We considered these movements of "veyving" earlier therefore in this lesson we will emphasize "treysing". The Treysing is one of the technician when we do a wave and we accompany it the 2nd hand. It emphasizes wave movement on a body. Carrying out a treysing the main thing that your free hand accompanied a wave. At all this printsipno that the hand did not advance "wave". In case the free hand accompanies a wave slightly quicker or slightly more slowly the effect of movement is lost and a treysing at you it will not turn out.

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