Todes – Russian miracle

Todes - Russian miracle

First the 90th years on the Russian platform there was a new dancing collective "Todes". During formation of the ballet the variety singer popular at that time directed on it Sofia attention to Rotar. All its concerts passed in an extent of 5 years with a show ballet "Todes" role. After that creative union with printsipny dancing collective concerts to Rotara became more entertainment and tremendous. On each song "Todes" created the number. As more than once spoke, the foundress of the ballet "Todes" Alla Dukhova, directly this period in creativity of ensemble became sign.

Populyarnostbalet Todes promptly rushed on the Russian platform and very soon though what known Russian singer longed, that with it this dancing collective worked. Todes was first appreciable that performers in ensemble greatly danced in different styles, since a tango and finishing a breakdance. All 90th years Todes won to itself a name performances with known stars of the Russian platform, and they achieved it, having got the musical premium "Ovation".

Todes in ours времяВ the real moment in the ballet Todes is about 150 dancers. After 2000 Todes left on new level and more and more widely started to organize solo tours worldwide. Also in the Russian Federation and CIS countries the unlimited number of schools studios in what it is possible to learn dance in Todes style is open. In creative activity the show ballet matured and started to put independent representations. These concerts stretch enjoy wide popularity of the audience.

Todes - Russian miracle

Tribyyut Michael Dzheksonbalet Todes not once danced with known stars of bottoms of a scene. That only there is their performance at a concert in Chicago together with Michael Jackson.

After death of the pop king the ballet Todes followed the lead of numerous dancers of the whole world and paid a tribute of respect to Michael Jackson having put personal number in his honor.

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