Old Italian dance – Galliard

Old Italian dance – гальярда

Old Italian dance – гальярда
Not so often we tell about dances which were popular in a far past, about dances which executed on medieval balls, about dances which already sank into oblivion and became property of history. Let’s try to fill this omission and we will begin with old Italian dance – гальярды.

Origin the Origin at this dance – national, and at court to dance it became only at the end of the 15th century. Often гальярда it was executed after other popular dance for that time – паваны. Dance moderately gained popularity and by the 16-17th century became one of quite often meeting not only in Italy, well and in England, Spain, France, Germany. Motives and movements actually all гальярд that time are described in Tuano Arbo’s book "Orkhesografy".

Character гальярды On own character гальярда – dance cheerful, sated with jumps and jumps. He can be danced in pairs, also solo. The basic of movement of dance is called «five steps». Actually it is four steps and a jump after which there is a pozirovka. This movement is alternately executed that with right, from the left foot. There is still, so-called, «a crane step» when forward put the right foot and, to a meeting with it the left foot braided in a knee. Also in the guide to this dance jumps with a brush» where dancing in a jump makes a turn on 180 or 360 degrees are laboriously described «. During this jump special movement by a foot, allowing to kick suspended below a waist at knee height a brush becomes.

Eminent performers гальярды it is Authentically clear that dance гальярда was Elizabeth’s I most loved dance – the English queen. In spite of the fact that dance is rather vigorous, the queen with shine gave out difficult pases гальярды, even when was already in old age.

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