Dancing horoscope

Dancing horoscope

Dancing horoscope
Many people seriously are fond of horoscopes, connect all acts in the life directly with them, wait for pleasant or unpleasant events. It is interesting that exists and, a so-called, "dancing" horoscope which knows to us about what dances most of all suit this or that zodiac sign.

Goats Adherents of classics. In ecstasy from ordinary ballroom dances and the ordinary ballet. Goats like chamber music. The loved dances – a mamba, a point and a foxtrot.

Aquariuses Perfectly treat a Charleston, a quickstep, a tap dance and a break, also to a reggae and a rap. But most of all Aquariuses like lungs эксперименталы, like new age (new age).

Fishes Without reason from temple dances. Music prefer the nostalgic: Spanish, Italian and French. There is an outlook that to fishes often dream a tango and сальса.

Arieses Can simply break into a dance, having heard fate, heavy metal, the jazz and even a martial music. Most of all Arieses accept heavy music, besides, they possess special feeling of a rhythm.

Tauruses of Preference of Tauruses – the Pole, belly dance, love dances. In general, their musical interests are very wide. Tauruses perfectly understand musical folklore and classical music.

Twins Love cha-cha, a foxtrot and a twist. National melodies suit twins best of all, pleasure the opera and a light music also will give.

Crayfish Cancers adore sad music, the blues and slow dances. Probably, from here and their ardent love to romantic Italian songs which they are capable to impose even to own partner.

Lions Ordinary music of lions is a samba, a point, belly dance, the disco and a flamenco. Cast a lion into ecstasy the soul and Afro-music can also.

Maidens the Quickstep, a foxtrot and a waltz is dances of the maiden. Simply also are willingly trained in dances. From musical instruments prefer the medieval.

Scales treat With jealousy to though to what dance, but most of all love an effective minuet and a cancan. Willingly dance under easy classics and the French chanson.

Scorpions Scorpions ways expressivno and passionately to execute strp-dens and a flamenco. At the same time, they cannot resist music in style heavy metal.

Sagittariuses Dance of this zodiac sign – the Vienna waltz. Also Sagittariuses love church music and Bach triumphal marches.

And you treat what zodiac sign, and whether the dancing horoscope given by us coincides with your addictions and hobbies?

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