Exclusive interview to the dancer of Hiro from the Country of a rising sun of

Exclusive interview to the dancer of Hiro from the Country of a rising sun of

Exclusive interview to the dancer of Hiro from the rising sun Country
Not so long since in the press there was an entertaining interview of the popular Japanese dancer of Hiro. It is known far outside of the rising sun Country thanks to beautiful performance of dances in style a house. The dancer is not afraid of loud expressions and parallels, declaring, for example, that longs to be the best dancer for the earth population. We offer you some other noteworthy moments from its interview.

It is already possible to call the word Hiro the whole style. What do you put in this concept?

My style, first, is based on active work of feet and numerous stepovy movements. When I take steps, I am not abandoned by feeling of flight therefore I try to do them softer. In the dance I try to be smooth and to achieve feeling of flight.

Both new, and professional dancers would like to hear your councils. That you wished them?

As to beginners, then принципна, first, practice and numerous trainings. Still it is necessary to love and consider music and dance which you execute. New very much принципна support therefore it is best of all to be engaged in studio under supervision of the skilled teacher. If to speak about specialists, here it is more important not to lose the spirit, internally feeling, the sacred spark going from the heart. Not printsipno, whether brings in dance the income, it is necessary to continue to dance, i.e. to do that you love most of all.

You achieved in dance practically everything. Whether there are at you plans for the future?

Incorrectly so to speak, I continue to improve the dancing art and to submit new tops. And continuous practice is for this purpose necessary – I still often visit various master classes. I aspire to be the good dancer for all: for young dancers, for professionals, for my friends and parents. About my plans for the future, I wish to open the studio on training of young pupils to dancing culture. For the sake of dance I am ready on everything, everything.

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