SHEKETAK strikes back STOMP’у

on March 23-27 in BKZ "Space" for the first time in the Russian Federation the known rhythm noise show "Sheketak" will act. «Sheketak – Rhythm in Motion» is the show filled with visible creative energy in what are organically connected dance, theater, music and picturesque multimedia components.
SHEKETAK strikes back STOMP’у

The rhythm noise show genre on the British collective STOMP which card, number with garbage cans, was put in 1983 is already familiar to the Russian viewer and since then not once was duplicated in commercials and video. «Sheketak – Rhythm in Motion» inhaled the latest life in this musical and dancing direction, show becomes opening even for the experienced viewer because dancers differ unique plasticity. Besides they perfectly play mimic sketches sparkling by humour, "talking" to the viewer in all clear international language of communication – body language.
«Sheketak – Rhythm in Motion» – multimedia show, a mix of different types of the art, made by Zacky Petish and Danny Rechom in 1997. At present Sheketak Productions – the company which has united 12 actors, acting worldwide.

«We work with a rhythm, in particular with its verbal introduction much, – Zacky Petish about an origin of the name of show knows. – On own sounding the word Sheketak reminds a rhythmic otbivka. Also in Hebrew of "sheke" means "silence". «Sheke» and «tak» are translated as "silence" and "sound". That the group does on show, is a movement between the moment of silence and the sound moment».
One of parts of design of show – a 3-storeyed framework which is "rendered habitable" by musicians-accompanists. An important role play and inventively picked up video topics shown on big screens. Music and dancing turns replace each other at storm speed. And the viewer needs to be surprised only how the troupe the most different style directions – both musical masterly possesses, and dancing: from a step before ultrafashionable freestyle and hip-hop. Their performance represents the unusual potpourri from a step, a breakdance, a rap, битбокса, "live" music and comedy parts which carries away all without an exception. At all this 12 dancers are capable to tap simply intricate rhythms by means of a scenic requisite, also own bodies which they use as drums.

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